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Some smart event organizers find a new way to lower down the medal sourcing cost. How? They skip the local dealers and buy from the manufacturing source. Believe or not, they are already doing this, lowering their cost and making them more competitive.

Boston Marathon was the beginning of modern road running event. The medals and trophies were made locally in the old times. As international trading develops, the medal industry shifted to the countries where production cost was lower. In the last decades of the 20th Century, China was a country with very low labor cost, where the labors were just set free when the socialism command economy turned to market economy. More and more wholesalers from all over the world came to China bought medals.

Medal industry is quite a heavy polluting industry. The out put plating water of the medal factories contains enormous heavy metal ion and toxic cyanide which the spies used to use it to suicide when caught. Many developed countries gave up the medal industry because of the heavy pollution to environment. In China, many medal factories locate in a same place, which form a phenomenon called industrial cluster. This allows the government process the polluted plating water altogether, thus the pollution matter has been settled properly.

So China produce almost 99% of the medals in the world in the recent decade. Wholesalers keep coming to China and retail medals all over the world. The event organizers buy medals from the wholesalers to save the traveling and enjoy the professional service. Nowadays, with the development of the information technology, you don’t need to come to the fairs in China to find a medal factory, and you could communicate with the factories like face to face through internet. Modern logistic makes low volume air shipping very convenient and lower cost. The international express couriers like FedEx, DHL, TNT now offers quite low cost air freight rate and fast and punctual door-to-door service. End buyers like event organizers is now technically possible to buy from the low cost medal from China directly. Many event organizers are already doing this, they skip the wholesalers and communicate with the medal source in China directly.

At the beginning of 2017, the Rock Solid Run event in UK was canceled when the event dates was closed. The organizer set an announcement to their participants that their would not have a Rock Solid Run any more because they were broke. The organizer of this event bought their customized medal through the local wholesaler and their medals were actually made in China. We know that because we were the actual producer. If the event organizers like the Rock Solid Runs bought medals from the China medal source like us, they could have lower their cost and had more earning, the runners could also be charged lower cost and perhaps more people would be willing to participate their events, they would still be thriving very well and people would have more events to run.

Our factory is now using robots replacing some manual jobs to produce medal, which make production more efficient and cost effective. We have also developed a friendly website that allow our customers to calculate custom medal cost on line, you could now check the quote any time you want. We are now developing a function that would allow customers make custom medal design on-line easily, we will publish this on our website in the near future, please pay attention to the update of our official website if you are interested in this function. We are also researching a new type of organic material that could replace metal to produce medal which would be more friendly to environment. We hope to gain more supports from customers all over the world and have more funds to input in our research. We have a show room in Guangzhou city near the Canton Fair venue. Please send us messages if you have any questions, we will reply within 24 hours during work-days.

The custom options of making a medal

Material Option:

Zinc alloy


Plating Option:

antique gold     shiny gold      matt gold



antique silver     shiny silver     matt nickel



antique copper    shiny copper   black nickel   



antique brass    antique nickel   chrome      


Enamel Option:

Soft enamel

Hard enamel

gliter enamel

Ribbon Option:

blank ribbon


screen printed ribbon


sublimation printed ribbon

Custom Medal Price

Quantity:    pieces

Size:          mm.

Thickness: mm  ( usually 3 mm )

3D or 2D? 2D 3D

Is it two-side? No, one side only     Yes




Ship to:

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